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About Us

We are a collective of personas that exist within the mind of Alex (the host). We all aim to be a positive force in this crazy world and want to help people. We especially want to help spread information and knowledge about mental health disorders – specifically Dissociative Identity Disorder. In general, though, we grew up and live in PA, USA. We have a passion for IT and for teaching others or providing information to help others grow. We are huge nerds: Dungeons and Dragons, gaming, anime, business, and many random topics. We also love reading (well, one of us does – Artemis), and enjoy going for walks and general physical activity. We really have no idea what else to put here, so we are just going to put our individual descriptions below; along with artist created drawings of each of us (still a work in progress). This is how we each look within our inner world and does not reflect our outward physical appearance.